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In Florida, even though the State has a reputation for being pro-second amendment, there are severe penalties for committing a felony with a firearm. Florida's 10-20-life law requires courts to impose lengthy prison sentences when a firearm is involved in the commission of certain felony offenses. 10 years if a firearm is pulled, 20 years if a firearm is fired, 25 to life if someone is shot and seriously injured or killed. Additionally, certain offenses, such as a felon in actual possession of a firearm, carry 3 year min/man's (minimum mandatory sentences). 

About Weapons Charges

Weapons charges can carry severe and lengthy sentences. An experienced attorney can help. Under certain circumstances there may be defenses, such as Florida's "castle" doctrine, stand your ground law, or issues related to constructive possession. It's important to hire an attorney that understands the law around weapons charges and any available defenses. 

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