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Protect your good name. Sealing and expungement of a criminal record can help you protect your reputation. Arrests, mugshots, and pleas to eligible charges when adjudication is withheld may be eligible for sealing or expungement. The downstream effects of an arrest or conviction can lead to consequences when applying for housing, employment, professional associations and more. Successfully sealing or expunging a criminal record will remove the record from the public, keep it confidential from a background check, and may allow you to deny or fail to acknowledge the arrest with a few exceptions.

We charge a $900 non-refundable flat fee (plus costs) to help you seal or expunge your criminal record. Costs paid to third parties are extra and vary depending on the county, size of the file, and number of charges to be sealed or expunged. Costs typically include an FDLE fee and clerk's fees at a minimum. 

Are you eligible for sealing or expungement

You may be eligible to have your Florida record sealed if:

  • the court withheld adjudication after you entered a plea of guilty or no contest

  • you have no other convictions for any criminal offense; and

  • the offense is not on a list of ineligible offenses.

After a criminal record is sealed in Florida, the public will not have access to the record. After the record has been sealed for ten years, it will be eligible to be expunged.

You may be eligible to have your record expunged if:

  • the case was dismissed, dropped, or a no information was filed.

If your record is expunged, the public will not have access to the record.

Contact Us

We have experience with sealing and expungement. It is beneficial to have an attorney handle a sealing or expungement because a prosecutor may object to a sealing or expungement and a hearing on the matter may be required. If you need help with a sealing or expungement, contact us now to schedule a free initial consultation.

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