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Evidence Handling in Sex Crime Cases: Admissibility, Orlando Sex Crimes Attorney


Sex crime cases are among the most sensitive and emotionally charged legal proceedings. Ensuring justice for survivors and maintaining the integrity of the legal process requires meticulous handling of evidence. One crucial aspect of these cases is the proper management of evidence, specifically focusing on the chain of custody and its impact on the admissibility of evidence. In this blog post, we will delve into the significance of maintaining a secure chain of custody and the implications it has on the admissibility of evidence in sex crime cases. It's important to hire an Orlando Sex Crimes Attorney as soon as possible.

The Chain of Custody Explained

The chain of custody refers to the documented record of the journey that evidence takes from the moment it is collected to its presentation in court. It is a chronological account of the people who have had control over the evidence, the locations it has been stored, and any transfers that have occurred. The primary goal of establishing a solid chain of custody is to guarantee that evidence remains untampered, unaltered, and uncorrupted throughout its handling.

Importance of Chain of Custody in Sex Crime Cases

  1. Preserving Integrity: In sex crime cases, evidence can include physical items such as clothing, DNA samples, and photographs. These pieces of evidence play a crucial role in establishing guilt or innocence. A proper chain of custody ensures that evidence is not compromised, damaged, or tampered with, maintaining its integrity and authenticity.

  2. Preventing Contamination: In cases involving sexual assault, DNA evidence and trace materials are often pivotal. Any contamination could lead to false results and potentially unjust outcomes. A well-documented chain of custody helps to pinpoint where contamination might have occurred, enabling the court to assess the credibility of the evidence.

  3. Establishing Reliability: An unbroken chain of custody enhances the credibility of evidence in court. A clear record demonstrates that the evidence presented is the same as that collected at the scene, minimizing doubts about its accuracy and reliability.

  4. Addressing Legal Challenges: Defense attorneys often scrutinize the chain of custody to challenge the authenticity of evidence. Any gaps or inconsistencies can be exploited to cast doubt on the evidence's credibility. By maintaining a meticulous chain of custody, prosecution can better counter these challenges and maintain the strength of their case.

Ensuring a Secure Chain of Custody

  1. Documentation: Proper documentation is the cornerstone of a secure chain of custody. Every step involving the evidence must be recorded in detail, including who collected it, where it was stored, and who had access to it. Digital systems can help streamline this process, minimizing the chances of human error.

  2. Sealing and Packaging: Evidence must be sealed and packaged correctly to prevent contamination or damage during transportation and storage. Properly labeled containers and tamper-evident seals add an extra layer of security.

  3. Secure Storage: Evidence should be stored in controlled environments to prevent degradation or loss. Access to the evidence storage area should be restricted and documented.

  4. Trained Personnel: Only trained professionals should handle evidence. Proper training ensures that evidence is not mishandled or compromised during collection, handling, or transportation.

Admissibility of Evidence

A well-maintained chain of custody plays a vital role in determining the admissibility of evidence in court. If the chain of custody is compromised, the defense may argue that the evidence lacks credibility and should be excluded from the proceedings. Judges assess the overall reliability of evidence before allowing it to be presented in court, and a weak chain of custody can significantly weaken the prosecution's case.


In sex crime cases, establishing a secure and unbroken chain of custody is paramount. A properly maintained chain of custody ensures that evidence retains its authenticity, reliability, and credibility throughout the legal process. By following meticulous protocols for evidence collection, handling, and documentation, legal professionals can ensure a fair trial, where the rights of both survivors and the accused are upheld. In these emotionally charged cases, the chain of custody stands as a critical safeguard for justice. Hire an Orlando Sex Crimes Attorney as soon as possible. If you have been charged with a sex crime contact my office at Matthews Criminal Defense, in Orlando, Florida at (407) 561-8166 for a free consultation.

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