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Legal fees are very expensive. Matthews Criminal Defense, PLLC, is very fortunate to be a part of the Orlando, Florida, legal community and is dedicated to public service and serving the community. Public service is extremely important. 

The firm takes on ten (10) Orange County only cases each year pro bono. Pro bono means that no attorney's fee will be charged. Costs may still be incurred, including but not limited to costs of serving subpoenas, paying investigators, and/or the costs of experts. These costs are still the responsibility of the client. Costs of resolving your case may still be incurred, including but not limited to court costs, fines, costs of supervision, etc. These costs are always the responsibility of the client


Please read carefully.


To be considered for the firm's Pro Bono program you will need to download and complete the form below. You can download the word document by clicking the button. Once completed, email the form to The attorney will respond either, that your application is approved for pro bono representation and will schedule an initial consultation, or that the firm declines to represent you pro bono.


Note: the representation does not begin until a Letter of Representation is executed by both the attorney and the prospective client. At any time before a Letter of Representation is signed by the attorney, the attorney may decline the representation for any reason. Submitting the form DOES NOT create an attorney-client relationship.

To be considered for the firm's Pro Bono program, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. You must have a criminal case

  2. The case must be in Orange County, FL

  3. You must complete the pro bono application form in it's entirety

  4. You must make under $40,000 per year (income subject to verification)

If you meet all of these conditions and would like to have your case considered for pro bono representation, then download, complete and submit the application form below to

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